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Wire Wound Resistors

This is made of a non-alkaline heat resistant ceramic bar wind with resistant wire which is coated with protective material with features of resistant against heat, moisture and erosion as well as inflaming. In addition, the resistor has such advantages as heat-resistant, low temperature coefficient, lightweight, low noise and resistance against over-loaded charge in a short period, as well as non-change resistance value.


  • This specification shall apply to Wire Wound Resistor of 4Ws in rated wattage and resistance tolerance of Ω 5 %. Produced by THAKOR ELECTRONICS LTD.
  • Standard Relation JIS C 5202 ( Test Method ) MIL STD 105E ( Incoming Method )
  • 1.4 Rating The value of the rated voltage shall satisfy at the ambient temperature 70 degree.C and below. When the ambient temperature is higher than 70 degree.C, the load power shall be reduce according to the derating curve as shown in Table (A)


  • Small dimension, excellent stability in high temperature, resistant to humidity and comparatively than other kind of resistor.
  • Fabricated using a suitable fiberglass or ceramic core with resistance wire securely crimped to the terminals.
  • Precise resistance value with better life proof.
  • Super heat dissipation, small linear temperature coefficient.
  • Instant over load capability, low noise figure and without annual shift on resistance value.

Characteristics :

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